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Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2000 17:14:14 EST
Subject: Re: Foam Shape Needed

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<< Subj:     Foam Shape Needed
 Date:  2/2/00 12:38:54 PM Pacific Standard Time
 Hi All,
 I'm still searching for foam/styrofoam cuts of a 12" saxophone.  I've just 
 spoken with the wonderful folks at Desgin-A-Foam, and have called ACP - 
 neither carry the 12" size (but are able to provide a special cut if 
 Do you have or do you know of a store that already carries the 12" Saxophone 
 cut out?  I need to purchase about 15 pieces.
 Madelon Batteiger
 Twistin' Shout BALLOONS!
 Campbell, CA

The best thing that I can tell you is to make your own.....  We go down to 
the local Home Depot and buy the big sheets of styrofoam....  (a huge sheet 
is under $10.00)  call ACP they have a table top styro cutter for about 
$80.00 they also have a hand one for under $10.00 but I am not crazy about 
it....  anyway, this cutter is great!  Just project your image onto the styro 
as if it were foam board, it cuts so easily....  MUCH easier to work with 
than foamboard....  

Hope this helps

Maria Grace Pilios CBA
<A HREF="">"Ain't That Special"</A> 
Balloon Decorating Company
Norwalk, CA