Coming events for balloon artists
Date: Wed, 02 Feb 2000 16:23:52 -0800
From: Jeanne & Dave Cockcroft <>
Subject: Street Fairs

We did a booth at a carnival a few years ago selling balloons and novelties
and have regretted it ever since!  We too were told we could make lots of
money selling balloons in the midway!

Our experience was that our costs were quite high, so we knew we would have
to charge more for balloons at the carnival than we do in our shop.  People
who go to these fair type events seem to think that the balloons should be
FREE!  They don't understand that they have to pay for balloons and then
when the balloons cost more than usual, they really don't get it.  

We found that we could not sell foil balloons because they were way too
expensive.  We did best with just plain old 11" latex and some marble or
imprinted balloons.  Basically we didn't do well with it at all!  

Maybe in your area, Carolyn it will be different.  Just be careful how many
balloons you blow up in advance in anticipation of sales.  You have to have
a big bunch inflated to attract attention, but don't over do it.  Good luck
to you. 

Jeanne Cockcroft, CBA

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