The Balloon Council
From: "Cape Internet" <>
To: <>, <>
Subject: Festivals
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2000 21:35:09 -0800

We did an outdoor fair & 2 things that are very important:

One: make sure no balloon goes unweighted (you're a CBA so I don't need to
tell you that....I just see so many festival vendors selling unweighted
mylars & latex balloons...I get furious!  Remember it is not the latex
balloon that is dangerous to is the string attached to them &
in as far as mylar goes we all know why caution is needed)

Next: the mylar balloons are printed with a water-soluable/non-toxic ink.
If you are not COMPLETELY enclosed, or if someone spills a soda near your
display...your in trouble!  We have an easy-up & I felt reasonably
protected, but, the wind was blowing the rain into our tent & the mylars
bled & almost all were ruined.

Lastly, we only offer balloon twisting & face painting at festivals now, as
far as "manned" operations go.  We tried a booth at a fair, where we
promoted & vended & well....we just flat out, will never do it again!

I am still most happy to provide decor, with losts of signage that we did
the job, so we don't need to hang around all day to get publicity...just
make like little elves that no one sees & set-up & strike & go home.

Also, if things are slow & you are not getting enough attention float a 3'
round as high as you can safely tether it, write something catchy on free balloon...or what-have-you in big bright letters.  You can
use vinyl lettering if you like, I do signage, so I hand lettered
mine...just make sure it looks professional (again...I don't need to tell
you that, I just throw it in for good measure).  The big balloon saved the
fair for us, everyone wanted to to find out what was so special that it
merited a giant balloon.

Overall the booth at the festival was not good for our business.  There are
far better ways to promote, so I have found.

This was our experience, our results may not be typical ;-), and like most
things, live & learn...& go forth & really prosper!

Mike & Teri Michon, The Merry Poppers!