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From: "jeff  rhoads" <>
To: <>
Subject: Street Fairs
Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2000 06:38:47 -0800

I agree with Mel, the yo-yo balloons are one of the best sellers at this
type of event, they have a high profit margin and everyone just loves them.
I always run out of them! I have averaged about 300 pieces a day and figured
about 30-50% of the children were purchasing them. I have had some success
selling 16" decorated laytex balloons or 16" balloons w/ an 11" balloon
inside. because they are large and impressive, you can charge more. By far
the best sellers are the "Glasshouse balloons" that Treb Heining helped
develop. You stuff them with a 16" decorated balloon and people cant get
enough! Especially when you tell them that they float for a week! Also they
don't oxidize in the hot sun and remain crystal clear forever. They are
available from All-American Balloon Supply in Santa Ana, CA. ( they should
be available elsewhere too). They have been selling the "Glasshouse" balloon
at Disneyland for a few years with great success.