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Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2000 10:38:36 -0800
From: Mark Balzer <>
Subject: Re: Conwin's Dual Sizer and Air Compressor Hook-Up

>what is the blow down method you mention for the compressor?

There should be a drain valve at the bottom of the air tank.  With pressure
in the tank, place a large rag underneath/around the valve and then open
it. Lots of unspeakably disgusting liquid will blow out (actually, it's
primarily condensed humidity (water) emulsified with the little bit of
compressor crankcase oil that gets past the piston rings.  If you have one
of the newer "oil-less" compressors, it should just be water).  When all
the gunk has left the tank and the airstream comes out clean, close the

As explained in the owner's manual of your air compressor, this needs to be
part of your regular maintenance program.  If you've never done this, you
could have several quarts of fluid corroding the inside of your tank and
reducing its air capacity.

For first timers, you may have to use a plier on the valve... but don't
force it because they break easily! (the valve stem is hollow and sometimes
just made of soft brass)  To open most valves you unscrew the stem (turn
counterclockwise) but on some valves you have to screw the stem in (turn
clockwise.)  If anyone cares, it's because these valves typically use an
inverted seat design, yet they don't all use a correspondingly backwards
(left hand) thread on the stem to allow for conventional operation. (this
is definitely a case where two wrongs make a right :-)

I hope this helps,


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