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Date: Thu, 03 Feb 2000 20:03:33 -0400
From: "Peggy S. Alperin" <>
To: "Barrucci Sr., Donald" <>
Subject: Re: Used equipment

HI Don,
Sorry to disagree with you.  I have both the "old" Dual Sizer and the
new digital one, and for my money, I'll take the old over the new
anyday.  I have many more way to regulate the old one, and I can blow up
3 footers with one push on the foot pedal, (Same with 4footers) as 
opposed to 3 times (Or 5 or 6 times on the 4footer) on the digital.  I
do like the nozzles on the new one better, and the connection for the
foil inflater is quite handy.  I guess I find both useful, and wouldn't
part with either one.

"Barrucci Sr., Donald" wrote:
> For many years we resisted spending the $700 or so for the Conwin Digital
> Dual Sizer. Once we finally got it - Wow. The time it saves pays for itself.
> In a lot of cases you can do a decorating job with less people. The first
> time we used it I blew up and built a 45 foot spiral helium arch in 45
> minutes. Normally it would 2 people to do it in that time, but with the dual
> sizer we saved 45 minutes of labor. So if you can save 20% or more of your
> labor cost , it really pays for itself quickly.
> I would but a new machine rather than a used unless you really knew the
> history of it. Also do not buy the non-digital version. Ask anyone with that
> type which they would rather have.
> Another piece of equipment that we feel pays for itself is the Pioneer sand
> machine. It cuts the time to fill balloons with sand by about 75% or more.
> Plus instead of using 16" balloons for weights you can use 11".
> Don Barrucci, CBA
> Parties of Woburn
> Woburn MA

Peggy Alperin CBA
Anything Balloons & Flowers
Beverly, MA