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From: "Designing Parties" <>
To: "Barrucci Sr., Donald" <>,
Subject: Re: Dual Sizer and Compressor
Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2000 20:03:51 -0500

Greetings from FL
We have both the digital and the older model. We have been using a
compressor since we bought the first one with no problems. We have a small
compressor in the shop, a larger one for job sites, and a gas driven one for
outside work.  The small one has a about a three gallon tank and 4.5 cfm
recovery we run 30 to 60 psi depending on the balloon size. We find better
control of balloon size with lower preasure and longer fill time on 5" and
smaller.  The next compressor is a 15 gallon tank and 5 cfm recovery rate.
If you are filling 11" balloons to 11"  and can fill and tie 10 balloons per
minute you will keep the compressor huffing and puffing. We did this once
with 6 free flow push down nozzles and three people filling balloons.
I have worked on other crews with two dual sizers and two people filling and
handing off to the tiers. we had to slow down and let the compressor
catch-up to us.
Now I want Conwin to tell me what kind of inverter I need to run the dual
sizer from the car battery or altenator.?
Designing Parties
New Port Richey FL
Don        PS.  There is a balloon artist in East Longmeadow MA that has a
larger compressor than any of mine.