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Date: Thu, 03 Feb 2000 20:19:16 -0400
From: "Peggy S. Alperin" <>
To: "Barrucci Sr., Donald" <>
Subject: Re: Dual Sizer and Compressor

Hi Again Don,
 I have my compressor connected to one of the dual siZzers all the time
in the shop, and then if I need to, I'll use the Conwin Precision air on
away jobs, or if we are blowing lots of dupets, and have more than one
person blowing, Ill use both the Compressor on the dual sizer and the
precision air.  I hope I don't put a curse on my machine, but I've had
my compressor for 3 or 4 years, and use it constantly.  The old dual
sizer doesn't have a water filter on the hose, but the new digital hose
for the compressor does.  So far I can't tell the difference. My
compressor is a 4 hp colman that I bought for about $250. and other than
the noise level ( it is noisy!!!) It works like a charm.  Just remember
unlike a compressed gas (helium or nitogen) You need to change the
setting on the Dual sizer to about 3 to 4 times  higer ex: 11" balloon
on Helium or Nitrogen 1.6 on my Compressor 4.6.  I hope this helps. Any
questions just call.

"Barrucci Sr., Donald" wrote:
> Was wondering if those who use the dual sizer with a compressor could answer
> a few questions. What size compressor? What about possible water damage to
> sizer -have been concerned by the warning in the dual sizer instructions
> concerning water buildup in the compressor and possible damage to the dual
> sizer. Opinions would be greatly appreciated.
> Don Barrucci, CBA
> Parties of Woburn
> Woburn MA

Peggy Alperin CBA
Anything Balloons & Flowers
Beverly, MA