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Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2000 20:48:10 EST
Subject: Re: Dual Sizer and Compressor

Hi Don!
I got my compressor the day after I got my dual sizer. The very first thing I 
did was attach a filter which traps water and any random particles which 
don't belong in the dual sizer. I also attached a female quick-connect after 
the filter. This makes transporting the compressor a little easier because 
the hose just snaps off. Another bit of advice: get a can of silicone spray 
and keep it in your dual sizer box. Once in a blue moon, your sizer may get a 
little dirt in the solenoid and either leak or not work at all. Both of these 
have happened to me, but thanks to the advice of the good folks at Conwin, I 
was prepared. Here's what you do:
1. Remove the inflator tips from the sizer.
2. Spray the silicone generously into each outlet.
3. Remove the hose at the quick connect at the back of the sizer and spray 
silicone in there as well. (Don't get the silicone in the hose. I think it 
could cause excessive body hair)
4. Reattach the hose and hook it up to your tank or compressor.
5. Turn up the pressure on the back of the unit to the maximum. Also, turn 
the time setting on BOTH outlets to at least 7 or 8 seconds.
6. COVER THE OUTLETS WITH A TOWEL OR PAPER NAPKIN! (you don't want silicone 
all over the place, do ya?)
7. Hit the pedal! This should clear out anything in the sizer. Repeat if 

Of course, all this info is useless unless you get the sizer! You just gotta 
get the Sizer!! It is truly a great machine. As a cheap guy, I was initially 
resistant to making such a big purchase. After my first day out with it, I 
couldn't imagine how I ever made an archway without it. After using it with 
the compressor, I felt a great sense of well being which continues to 
permeate every waking moment. Well.. you get the idea! NOW GET THE DIGITAL 

- Randy Adelson,
Special Events By Design,
Brooklyn, NY