Continental Sales
Date: Fri, 04 Feb 2000 11:02:21 -0600
From: Melanie Greenfield <>
Subject: booths at festivals

Greetings everyone:

I was reading with great interest the postings about booths, etc at

I am one of the main organizers of a new festival for our town, the Soo
Locks Fest.  This year will only be our second, but I would like/have
been thinking about having a selling booth there next year.

I was in downstate this summer and I saw a street vendor (with the
biggest bouquet of mylar balloons I have ever seen) selling mylar
balloons-with out any types of weights on them at all.

But he did have some good ideas there-   the "invisible dog" leashes,
inflatable (not balloons- the solid plastic) Pooh, Blues Clues, and
other popular characters, silly string, large hats, goofy glasses,
etc....Is there a wholesale source for this type of stuff?

I would greatly appreciate any input.

Thanks in advance.

Melanie Greenfield
Balloons'n More & The Education Store
Sault Ste. Marie, MI