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Date: Fri, 4 Feb 2000 16:44:47 EST
Subject: Re: Street Fairs

Thank you for mentioning the (formally called the) "Glasshouse Balloon" as a 
great vending balloon.  This balloon is now marketed as the SPARKLET™ SERIES 
for there are now several variations.  The whole series consists of round and 
STAR (and printed designs) shaped clear plastic balloons for inserting many 
different types of latex balloons.  You can make "insider gum balls" as well 
as "double bubbles" that float for several weeks and never oxidize! 

We. have used this balloon for over 8 years in Japan and have just started 
marketing this product in the US.  They were always our top seller at 
festivals in Japan and it would be interesting to know how they do at street 
festivals in the US too.  

This product has a few tricks which may be new to many in the balloon 
industry.  The Sparklets™ must be inflated until the wrinkles dissapear and 
it must be tied off by either spin tying with durable curling ribbon OR using 
a cable tie GUN.  We will have a hospitality suite at the Riviera Hotel at 
IBAC Las Vegas as well as a stand at the Chicago Halloween & Party Show 
(#337/#339) to educate everyone on the Sparklet™ Series "tricks".  Look for 
our ad on Balloon HQ as well!!  Hope to see you at the shows!!!

Emily Sugiura-Hill
Sales & Marketing
TK Innovations, Inc.

Very shortly a Video on Sparklet™ uses as well as an instructional pamphlet 
will be availble from certain distributors.  For a list of distributors, 
please e-mail here.  The TKINNOVATIONSINC.COM site will be up and ready in a 
month or so.