Continental Sales
From: "Brenda Mitchener" <>
Subject: Re: Valentines Day
Date: Fri, 04 Feb 2000 19:24:49 CST

Hi Maggie and others who are homebased!

I have been a homebased balloon business for 11 years!  Without
having a storefront we do have a challenge, but I have been
through 10 successful Valentine's Days.  Don't wait for the phone
to ring--go after the business.  I have been busy for several days
decorating for retail stores for the big holiday.  Use Pioneer's
Valentine Kit from last year or pictures of bouquets in Images to
show customers what you can do.  Take gift cards for them to sign,
invoices, and collect the money!  I go where the guys are--when
the card is hand signed by them, it looks like they came to you
instead of just calling in an order!!!  Good Luck!

Brenda Mitchener, CBA
Balloon Decor of Wichita (KS)

Does anyone in a home-based business do anything for Valentines Day?
>I keep thinking this should be a good time to sell a lot of balloons....but
>Thanks for the thoughts......

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