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Date: Sat, 05 Feb 2000 13:04:39 -0700
Subject: Re: 2nd Deliveries wrote:

> Just a business question.  When a balloon delivery is made and no one is at home, I will sometimes leave the balloons next door if a neighbor is home.  or I will leave a note on the door stating we attempted a delivery and for them to call upon getting this receipt.
> How you handle a second delivery?  Do you charge the customer who ordered it, a second delivery charge?...or is a second delivery complimentary?  or is it the responsiblity of the receipient to pick up their bouquet. I can ask this now that I have a storefront.
> Comments Please!

  We always call first to see if someone will be there to accept the delivery. If it's going to a business, we make that the person is there that day and didn't suddenly decide to take their birthday,

But definitely, for home deliveries, we call first. This saves us a lot of grief. It it's supposed to be a surprise, we ask the person that ordered the balloons to call and make sure that the recipient is at home.

We don't even make up the order unless we know for sure that some is going to be at the house. Sometimes, we call and leave messages and then find out, the birthday person has gone out of town. If we didn't make sure first, the bouquet could have been wasted - all the
time, labor and materials for nothing.

Of course, we are a home-based business but this seems a good idea even for store front businesses. What a waste to send your driver out and not find the person at home.

Cindy Williams
Balloon World
Santa Fe, New Mexico  USA