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From: "tena santaularia" <>
Subject: Re: bow master bows
Date: Sun, 06 Feb 2000 09:32:27 PST

>Hi Tina - Here is an idea to make your master bow project with the bow a 
>little easier. Take an ordinary 4" square kitchen tile, and glue your 
>votive candle to the center. Using the #9 or angel sheer ribbon, make TWO 
>half size bows. (half the amount of turns) Fluff each bow in only one 
>direction, then glue one to each side of the candle in the center of the 
>tile. Fluff a bit more to look pretty and full. This should be a lot safer 
>and sturdier. Good luck on your project!  Tena Santaularia  Pioneer Balloon 
>Company, Midwest Rep


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