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From: "Gerrilynne Hoskin - Cleaver" <>
To: "deco list" <>
Subject: Corporate brochures / 
Date: Sun, 6 Feb 2000 21:22:12 -0500

Hello everyone

I'm working on designing some brochures, one wedding one corporate. I'm
having a little trouble  coming up with some fabulous "wow em" wording in
the corporate one. I would like to target dept. stores, car lots, malls
ect.I need to tell them why they need balloon decor and what it can do for
them. I know. I'm just having trouble saying it on paper. Can anyone help me
sum it up for them. Something that will make them want to know more, and of
course call me to tell them more!

I could take this to a professional, but being new in business I'm hoping
that I can create something myself (with BHQ help) at not too big of an

I was in a dept store over the weekend where there were two balloon hearts
done and suspended. They were - well awful! I asked a sales person and she
said a few employees had done them I smiled and said thank you. I'm thinking
about approaching the manager and offering my services. How do I tell him
tactfully that his balloons were awful and that I could do a much better
job? Ever been in this situation?

Belle Balloons
Belleville, Ontario, Canada