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Date: Mon, 07 Feb 2000 14:35:41 +1100
Subject: Re: Corporate brochures / 
From: "DON DIXON" <>
To: "Gerrilynne Hoskin - Cleaver" <>

>I'm working on designing some brochures, one wedding one corporate. I'm
>having a little trouble  coming up with some fabulous "wow em" wording in
>the corporate one. 

 They were - well awful! I asked a sales person and she
>said a few employees had done them I smiled and said thank you.  How do I tell him
>tactfully that his balloons were awful and that I could do a much better

G'Day from Downunder,
Have you thought about joining the QBN? They already have excellent colour brochures that
are designed to appeal to these specific markets. Much cheaper than doing it "one out". If
you have not been in business for 18 months then you can't purchase the brochures. But 18
months will fly past once you join. Some are available to Certified Balloon Artists only.
So ...... what's stopping you? Having recognized accreditation is what many corporates
like to see. It's worth every penny spent.
You learn sooooo much!

Is producing colour brochures the best way to spend your advertising dollars at the
moment? Could Yellow Pages, a web site, Chamber of Commerce Meetings, A Bridal Fair trade
booth produce better results??? You may have already done this homework, but if not .....
take a few hours to think it through. 

We find colour brochures work best as a follow up to an inquiry - AFTER they have found
you by other means. Colour brochures are too expensive to use for "shotgun" advertising
where you fire the ammunition in the HOPE of hitting a target. Instead, use the brochure
to "hook them" after they have nibbled at the "bait". As you reel them in, you reasure
them with your expertise and point of difference. You "cuddle" them for choosing you.

Might I also suggest you zip down to Las Vegas and attend some business / marketing
classes at the "International Balloon Artists Convention" March 1-4th. You won't regret
it! All the delemas you face as a "newbie" are addressed in many, many classes. You get to
talk to hundreds of other delegates who share your problems, plus the experts who have the

Finally, (our experience) .... do not criticise the balloon work of their employees or
your competitors. Seeing is believing! SHOW them an example of your work. Your portfolio
is one of your most valuable business tools. And remember that if you do go ahead and
produce your own brochures, what will capture the imagination of a potential customer is
Tell them how and why your balloons or your company is "different".

Hope to meet you at IBAC in Vegas. 
Don Dixon  CBA
Business of Balloons Pty Ltd