The Balloon Council
From: "Mark Zettler" <>
To: "Patricia Sorell" <>,
Subject: Twist & Shout 2000
Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2000 00:00:43 -0500

We just returned from Twist & Shout 2000 in Peabody, MA!  What a great time
was had by all!!

Mucho kudos to Patty and Royal Sorell for a terrific time. Enthusiastic
attendees should consider themselves very lucky for having been able to
attend such a relaxed, yet inspiring convention.

Beautiful competition pieces, the best of instructors, and a trade show made
this event well worth our trip to historic Massachusetts.  And as always, it
was nice to put names and faces together with those we meet and read about
on the BHQ line.

Thanks also to the BHQ staff - Mark B., Sheena B, and especially Larry M.
for their efforts, as well. It was a pleasure spending time with you all
(Gitsy, too!).

Look for a wrap-up article on Twist & Shout 2000 in an upcoming issue of
BALLOONS & Parties Magazine.

Andrea & Mark Zettler
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