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Date: Sun, 6 Feb 2000 22:54:54 -0800
From: Mark Balzer <>
Subject: Re: Linen Rentals

>Awhile back someone posted a question regarding where to purchase
>linens. An answer came through from a Canadian Distributor, and I would
>really like to know who that was.  I have attempted to search the
>archives, but it continuosly gives the exact same archived material with
>whatever search string I use, and none of it pertains to linens.  If
>someone has the answers or even the distributor himself, PLEASE!!!!
>email me!!!

If you are having trouble finding something in the archives because you
can't come up with the right keyword, try looking in the Guide.  Think of
the Guide as an organized "best of" the archives... plus it's also
searchable.  The chapter entitled "Your valued customers" has a linen
rentals section (that I just updated late this evening.)

I hope this helps,


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