Pioneer Balloon Company
From: "dyrw" <>
To: "Balloon-deco list" <>
Subject: balloon  rose and wire - help!
Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2000 06:58:23 -0600

I have been trying to make the rose using the balloon and wire and I am
doing something wrong.  My petals are not tighly pulled over the wires but
fit loose.  I am using a 20 gage floral wire, cutting the balloon at the
base and neck folding the wire in half, inserting into the balloon and tying
the bottom off with a wire.  (I've even tried to pull it tight as I am
warping the bottom wire) BUT when I open it up it is not a nice tight fit.
What am I doing wrong, please?  I am using a round 15" balloon, should I be
using something else? Also I think my rose looks more like a regular flower
and not a rose.  If someone has the complete directions they could share
with me that would be so sweet.
Thanks in advance for any help.