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Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2000 18:06:53 -0800 (PST)
From: Chris Hayes <>
Subject: Balloons--BSA's, M. Orange, Tim Vlamis
To: "Balloon Twisters List" <>

Hey guys!!!!

Well, guess who call Twister Chris?.... Yup, Tim
Vlamis.  I guess the list can get you answers.

He was really nice and diplomatic and did give me
answers to those questions that have been pressing
most of us.

re:  260's  Well, the BSA line had been operating on
its own and if something doesn't generate the sales
then you cut it or make it better.  Well, I told him
the deal with the Q Silver and BSA Platinum and he's
heard it all that the Q, isn't what it's name says. 
I'm told it'll come down to changing the formula and
setting up the dipping line, etc.  So it won't be soon
that we see the BSA Platinum(Silver) replacing Q's,
but keep pressing.  Same goes with Peach and possibly

re:  Q 260's  I expressed that we thought the Metallic
Black and White were really more for decorators
because for twisters it was redundant and didn't make
sense to use a balloon that is 10 times harder to
inflate!  So why replace those with the Platinum and

Also, reinforced the desire for a Glow-In-The-Dark,
Neons that stay neon when inflated(unlike that Mexican
brand), and possible polka dotted or striped 260's. 
Of course, we know they can't be instituted right
away, it's what we'd like to see in the future.

I don't claim to speak for the twisting world.  I
simply summarized what I've heard other twisters say
via emails to me or posts on the list.  So keep'em
going to Tim!!  He likes to know what we're thinking.

Also, apparently the "new, improved", haha, M. Orange,
has been nearly the success Pioneer had hoped.  Hmmm,
go figure!  Tim said that it came out darker than they
wanted.  I told the simple solution was just to go
back to what they were using before we all made a
fuss.  He brought up the mistake the Coke made a while
back with New Coke-we all know that didn't last and
the real Coke was back on shelves in no time!  So... 
lesson--new doesn't mean better.

Keep you suggestions, praises, complaints, etc.
rolling in to the appropriate people.  They need to
know what we want!!!!!

Later.  And as always, "Get twisted!"

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