The Balloon Council
From: "Mitchell Bruntel" <>
To: <>, <>,
Subject: Split Sizer Maintenance/Problem?
Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2000 22:33:20 -0500


Here's 2 questions for the list
1) do (digital) split sizers ever need Preventative Maintenance?
2) Has anyone experienced the first (left) outlet slightly underinflating
the balloon?

This happened to me Friday.  I had a job requiring 2500 3inch balloons.  The
one from the right outlet was perfect.  The left outlet was slightly
undersized.  Of course, to compensate I had to use both timers at different
settings (.02 seconds and .01 seconds for the right outlet@45p/psi.

The sizes were not VERY different )i.e., I had to let about 1/2 of the extra
air out of the ones inflated on the left outlet to size them correctly).  In
other words, it wasn't 1/2 the size, and the extra second compensated... IT
was just a slight underinflation.

Oh, btw, I use a 25Gal compressor.

(and can anyone tell me where I can get a new filter (locally) for the air
hose they sell?
(what kind of a filter is  that?)

Thanks in Advance.
Mitch Bruntel
Invitation Magic
Fanwood, NJ