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Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2000 09:08:20 EST
Subject: RE : Qualatex. BSA and Tim Vlamis.....2nd try :)

In a message dated 2/7/2000 9:07:26 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

> re:  Q 260's  I expressed that we thought the Metallic
>  Black and White were really more for decorators

Hi Chris :)

    I use P. Black and P. White 260's in my decor and I use tons of BSA 
Silver 260's as well. I hope they keep these colors and add your P. Peach :)  
Once we started incorporating 260's into the decor work....we found so many 
ways to use them , that I could not imagine not having these colors :)  

    Glow in the Dark eleven inch latex and 260's would be great...but, 
seasonal for me. I would LOVE to have them for Halloween, New Year, Prom 
Season and Carnivals..... Maybe they could be tested on a seasonal basis like 
the new Qualatex colors..and those who would use them frequently could stock 
up and Pioneer could get a feel for quantity sold.  Neon's have always been a 
hot request! But every attempt into Neon's I have purchased to date were not 
up to a quality I can count on!  It would be great to see them from a quality 

    I am a Qualatex and BSA I am hoping this change of ownership 
will be of benefit to ALL of us . You said that Tim Vlamis called you....that 
shows right there that they care and they are
 listening !!  We are all so fortunate to be in a business where we have 
manufacturer's who listen and take our suggestions to heart....Think Pioneer, 
Conwin, SDS, Rouse Products, ACP, Design a Foam, and all the wholesalers we 
use...Few people I know have that kind of support behind there businesses !!

   Thanks for helping all of us keep lines of communication open, the needs 
of the twister and the needs of the artist are different, yet the same :) 

   Good Luck !


 Joyce Stephens
Award Winning Balloon Artistry
Serving Central Pennsylvania