Pioneer Balloon Company
From: "Luis & Pamela Ramos" <>
To: "Balloon Deco list" <>
Subject: Square Footage
Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2000 05:21:07 -0500

Hi out there!  We are preparing to open a store front and are curious about
what size store everyone started out with.  I was thinking about 2500-3000
to start with but would love to here from everyone out there what the pros
and cons are you experienced when you opened up and or expanded.  Also, we
are looking into register systems, p.o.s. systems, general store layouts and
any setting up advice you have.  Thanks for your help and you can email me
privately if you want.  I appreciate the information.
Pamela Ramos
Wild About Balloons
Anchorage, Alaska, USA