The Balloon Council
Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2000 20:38:53 EST
Subject: Re: Split Sizer Maintenance/Problem?

Hi Mitch!
Sorry to hear about the problem. I don't know if preventative maintenance is 
necessary,  but as I said in an earlier email, I never leave the house 
without a can of silicone spray in my dual sizer box. You may need to 
silicone your sizer. 
                          Another possibility is that you inadvertently 
didn't screw in the tip fully. After a prolonged session of inflating, the 
tips can become loose from handling. This has happened to me. 
                         Another possibility, which the famous Ada Olivera 
told me about is this: people are left handed or right handed. This can 
result in different gripping strength on either nozzle . This also happened 
to me. Try cleaning out the sizer with silicone and pay close attention to 
your grip. When you are working fast or working for a long period of time, 
occasionally check to see that your tips are thoroughly  screwed in.  
                       Last, but not at all least, check the threads on your 
nozzles! If they are damaged, this could be a source of escaping gas. If  all 
my hot air doesn't help, please check with Ada at Conwin's website. Good luck!

- Randy Adelson,
Special Events By Design,
Brooklyn, NY