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Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2000 22:49:55 EST
Subject: Twist and Shout - re: PHOTOS  / review

Hi all!

WOW....  WOW.... WOW...  That just about covers it for Twist and Shout.  It 
was truly amazing.  What an incredible collage of terrific people.  The 
talent all gathered in one place like that was totally mind boggling.

Thank you to everyone that made this thing happen...  and that does mean 
everyone.... from the great people that were the gears to make it work to 
every single attendee, without whom there would have not been a need or 
desire for such a great convention.

From the minute I stepped off the plane and was greeted by  :) 
to arriving at the hotel to be swept off my feet by the wonderful Bruce 
Kalver and Linda Berman to go out for lunch.  Robert, Bruce, Linda, Jack Byrd 
and I started the convention in style with a great lunch together.  Thanks 
guys!  :) For me the convention ended with breakfast on Monday morning with 
several great twisters including Patrick Brown, who total amazed me with his 
use of 350's.  Let me tell you if you ever see him in action with these, your 
apron will never again be without them.  Also, a great big thank you to 
Patrick Duffek whom was a great inspiration to me.  Thanks Patrick.  And of 
course Mark Balzer...  what a neat experience to meet him in person.  Thank 
you Mark for your inspiration of my new character and the really cool balloon 
techniques you shared with me while I was creating my entry.

From the classes, to the jamming, to the banquet it was a wonderful time to 
be had by all.  The classes were just terrific.  It was PUN city with all the 
twisters there, but I have to say Ralph Dewey was the winner on that account. 
 Marvin Hardy...  what an incredible man.  What a pleasure it was to meet him 
and get to know him a bit.  I look so forward to the next time I have the 
good fortune of learning from him. Larry Moss's class on balloon people was 
great... there were a lot of cracks going around in that one! ;)  Sheena 
(whom I absolutely adore and feel as though I found a new sister in her.  
Love you Sheena... got any carrots?) put me to shame with her new ability to 
make interesting noise with a straw and her armpit.  The banquet... WOW... no 
words can completely describe over 200 twisters in a room with a virtually 
unlimited supply of rocket balloons, balloon balls, a VERY cool cannon and 
more.  It was amazing.  Our table's carousel rocked!  You should have seen 
Stephanie from Balloon Magic as a bunny on our carousel! Come to think of it 
you WILL as soon as I get all the photos posted!  Yeah!

I have TONS... and I do mean TONS of photos to pull together to put up on the 
web. Now I am putting out a request for more.  Now hang on a sec... I know I 
made an announcement at the banquet to please not barrage me with photos...  
and that still stands... after all I still need to get February's submissions 
posted and the new contest up and running.  The photos I am in need of are 
very specific.  If anyone entered the contest and has a photo of their 
specific submission please send it to me at along with 
your name and title of your sculpture.  PLEASE MAKE SURE TO PUT TWIST AND 
SHOUT IN THE SUBJECT LINE. I took many many photos of the submissions.. 
.actually of the entire convention, (I already have 224 digital photos and 7 
rolls of 24 exposures each to develop!  Ahhh!!!  They will make a terrific CD 
when I am done though!) but, as I was concerned with not touching the 
sculptures submitted until they were voted on I did not get all the numbers 
of the entries with their photos.  I want to make sure to put the correct 
names with the photos.  Your help in this ASAP would be greatly appreciated.  
Also, if anyone has photos of any of the classes I was unable to attend, or 
any of the jams that went on and you didn't see me there I would love those 
photos as well so I can get them posted.  In particular, I would appreciate 
some extra photos of Bruce Kalver's and Linda Berman's lectures.  If you 
don't have a photo of your submission please still email me at with your name and description of your entry.  It's very 
important I get the names correct to give you all credit for your wonderful 

Looking VERY forward to next years T & Jam!!!

Terrie <A HREF="">"Gitsy"</A> (no decaf for me!) Basko
<A HREF="">BalloonHQ</A> Contest Coordinator