Pioneer Balloon Company
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2000 17:50:30 +1100
Subject: Re: Prom 2000 - Stairway to Heaven
From: "DON DIXON" <>
To: Balloon Headquarters <>

>There theme this year is "Stairway to Heaven".  I've got some good ideas on
>what to do already, but I'm kind-a stumped with the ceiling area.
  Does any one have other
>ideas for decorating for Prom for Stairway to Heaven would be greatly
>Tina Mercer

G'Day from Downunder,
Oh, how I wish it were one of our jobs!! Envy from Don to you.
That is one school Prom I want to attend!
What about some posters of Led Zepplin members placed (floating) between the clouds?
Classics live forever!

Don & Dolly Dixon  CBAs
Business of Balloons Pty Ltd