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From: "Barrucci Sr., Donald" <>
Subject: Vegas transportation tips
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2000 10:42:39 -0500

With IBAC being in Las Vegas, Bernadette and I thought we would offer some
tips concerning my favorite vacation place. Also any private emails are

Taxi from Airport.  Many taxis try to exit the airport using the tunnel
which takes them onto the interstate. Usually this results in a substantial
increase in taxi fare. What we always do is instruct the taxi driver to use
the surface streets. In particular getting to the Riviera should certainly
be much less expensive this way. By less expensive I mean $5.00 or more
difference. Taxi fare I would estimate to be $12.00 to $15.00 via the
surface streets. Should take less than 15 minutes.

Other transportation from Airport. There are shuttles that charge
approximately $3.50 or $4.00 per person. They take much longer to reach
their destination because they may be dropping off at other hotels. based on
the Riviera location which is one of the furthest from the airport of the
Strip hotels, it could easily take 45 minutes to an hour.

Rental cars. Most of the major agencies are at the airport. Be aware that
there is an extra 10% tax for any rental at the airport as compare to an off
airport location. It is probably easier to get around without a car unless
one wants to go off the strip. 

There are some free transportation methods. Some off strip hotel/casinos
offer free shuttle buses. In particular the Rio has one that picks up near
the MGM on the strip. Also since they are now owned by Harrahs, they may
have one from Harrahs, but I'm not certain.

Monorails. The are a few monorails that are owned by some of the hotels.
here are the current ones. Note they go both ways
1- Treasure Island to Mirage 
2- Ballys to MGM
3- Bellagio to Monte Carlo
4- Excaliber to Mandaley Bay (and Luxor, but as memory serves me the
monorail only stops at Luxor on the trip back from Mandaley Bay)

Don and Bernadette Barrucci, CBAs
Parties of Woburn
Woburn MA