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Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2000 19:02:03 EST
Subject: Pearl Orange is alive!!!

Well, there goes my foot in my mouth again!  turns out if I had more 
carefully read Jan/Feb images I'd have seen the item on p. 28 regarding 
limited edition latex.  This is a new program in which ditributors place 
orders for certain colors which will not be produced year-round, but will be 
produced in a limited edition, so they place an order for what their 
customers will need, or what they anticipate their customers will need, and 
then Pioneer produces the balloons to fill the orders.

One of the colors available inthis limited edition is PEARL ORANGE!!!!!


Thank you Qualatex.  Once again you have responded to my requests!

     O~     Danny Magowan
O~          Balloon AffAIRs
   O~       Syracuse NY