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Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1999 12:39:35 EST
Subject: Re: balloondeco-d Digest V99 #7

Hi everyone!

I wanted to respond to Sally Herr's question about treating an 11" balloon
inside a 16" clear (I am assuming you are inflating both balloons to their
full size).

You will get a longer floating life by treating a double-stuffed balloon with
SUPER HI-FLOAT.  The method I recommend is to treat the 16" balloon, using the
green clip but not pressing down quite all the way, so you add just a little
bit less than normal.  Rub the balloon as you normally would and then use a
pencil or stick to insert the 11" balloon.  I usually blow a puff of air into
the 16" before I do this so I can keep the 11" from touching the 16" more than
necessary.  You do not need to treat the 11" balloon.  Inflate the 16" about
half way, and then inflate the 11".  If you hold them straight up while you
are inflating you can keep the 11" balloon from touching the inside walls of
the 16" balloon.  If it does stick to one side you can usually tap that side
to get it loose, and any HI-FLOAT that has gotten on the 11" during the
process will dry clear and not look bad.

This really isn't too hard to do, and like anything, it gets easier with
practice.  If you get a chance to watch the HI-FLOAT Tips and Designs Video
you can see Bruce Walden demonstrate this method, and believe me, he makes it
look easy!

SUPER HI-FLOAT will also increase the floating life of  an 11" balloon inside
another 11" balloon.  Donald Barrucci is right - double stuffed balloons float
longer than a single balloon anyway, but you can get them to float even longer
with SUPER HI-FLOAT.  To treat them you would put one balloon inside the
other, and then just treat the inside balloon the way you normally would.  You
may have to add a little less HI-FLOAT because the two balloons will be
heavier than just one. 

Andrea Burchette
HI-FLOAT Company
Louisville, Kentucky