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From: "Lorinda" <>
To: "Balloon Deco" <>
Subject: Bruce Walden's new videos review
Date: Fri, 4 Jun 1999 10:30:44 -0700


As a distributor, we received samples of Bruce's new videos this week. Since
we frequently get asked what our opinion is of a new video, we try to watch
them right away. Lorna (my mother and business partner) took home 9 and 10
and I took home 11 and 12. We thought we would share our reviews.

#9 & #10 Figure Tying Part A & B - Includes a brief intro of basic twists.
Has ideas for decorators including floating 350's, beautiful flowers and
baskets and great palm fonds. Tips and tricks include how to easily inflate
260's for flowers. Jody gives specific lengths for each section. The camera
angle (shot over the shoulder of the twister) makes following along much
easier. Designs were innovative and unusual.

#11 Balloon People - Gives very specific design techniques including when in
the production process different design elements happen and what weight of
stryofoam to use for a particular effect. It is a master level art class
applied to foam core and latex.

#12 Balloons on Parade - Any professional needs to experience the ultimates
of their industry occasionally to keep pushing ourselves and to stay
inspired. Most of us won't be leaving our business the week of Thanksgiving
and hence will never experience this. Watch this video to experience the
power of our industry - I misted up at the end.

Kind Regards,

Continental Sales
Sacramento, CA USA
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