Hi-Float Balloon Treatment - increase the float time of your helium balloons
Date: Tue, 23 Feb 1999 17:46:45 +1100
From: THE DIXONS <balloons@magna.com.au>
To: BALLOON HQ <balloondeco@fooledya.com>
Subject: PartyTimes UK

G'Day from Downunder,
There is a great balloons and party products magazine published in the
UK called "PartyTimes" (previously titled "Balloon World") It is
produced by Plaza Publishing - the Editor is  Andrew Maiden in London.
Please help ? ? ?

Anyone on the list in that part of the world have an email address for
Andrew or Fleur?
I have a phone number and snail mail address but ....... to phone them I
have to do it after 1:00am in the morning and snail mail takes a week.

Spoiled by the Internet,
"Crockadile - Don  D"

PS. I highly recommend this mag to all in the US and in Europe. I've
been a subscriber since 1995. It's a cross between the US publications
"Party & Paper Retailer" and "Balloons & Parties" magazines. Lots of
glossy pics, balloon recipes, articles and new products too. Email me in
private if you want their snail mail details ... or ..... lets hope I
get a reply for an email address.