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Date: Fri, 25 Sep 1998 10:50:41 EDT
Subject: HI-FLOAT and pearlized balloons

Hi everybody,

It is true that pearlized and metallic colored balloons float about a third
less time than regular colored balloons.  You could just add a little less HI-
FLOAT than normal, but they will float much longer if you use one of the
following methods:

METHOD 1:  Inject the SUPER HI-FLOAT into the balloon the day before it is to
be inflated, using the BLUE clip for an 11-inch balloon.  Rub the balloon in
the normal manner to spread the SUPER HI-FLOAT around when it is injected into
the balloon.  Treat several balloons this way and then gather them together by
placing a rubber band around their necks to keep the SUPER HI-FLOAT from
drying out.  The next day briefly rub the balloon a second time and then
inflate with helium.

METHOD 2:  (will give about the same increase in floating time as Method 1)
Inflate the balloon with air to stretch it.  Then deflate the balloon fully,
treat it with SUPER HI-FLOAT in the normal manner, and reinflate with helium.

This information is in the latest edition of The HI-FLOAT Book (blue cover,
says "revised Nov. 1996" on the inside of the back cover).  If you would like
a new copy, please email me privately with your mailing address.

As for (16-inch) heart-shaped and Geo balloons, the method for getting the
maximum floating life isn't in the book yet - Don Burchette just discovered
this method during testing he did this summer:

(1) Inflate the balloon with air to stretch it, then deflate the balloon
(2) Inject SUPER HI-FLOAT using the WHITE clip on the pump dispenser.  Rub the
balloon to spread the SUPER HI-FLOAT around.
(3) Inflate the balloon as large as possible with helium.

This prestreching of the balloon lets you blow it up larger the second time
(as it does with pearlized balloons).  The balloons should float several days
using this method.  Another tip - these balloons have a very short neck, and
Don found them much easier to tie when they are fully inflated if you use a
tying aid such as "Knot-A-Balloon".

That information may not be in the book, but it is on the newly released HI-
FLOAT Video (has anyone seen it yet?)  The video has 44 minutes of tips for
using HI-FLOAT, and features Bruce Walden and Don and Marjorie Burchette.  The
video can be purchased from your HI-FLOAT distributor, and I think even those
already familiar with HI-FLOAT can pick up a few new tricks from watching.

Hope this information helps!

Andrea Burchett
HI-FLOAT Company Inc.