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The Guide to Balloons and Ballooning

What is Balloon HQ?

General information
Mailing list rules
Advice on posting to the lists
About this guide
After you've read this Guide
Volunteering for BHQ

The How's and Why's of Balloons

How balloons are made
How helium-filled balloons float
How balloons pop
Balloon science 101
Balloons and teaching
Other uses for balloons
Sweet Scented Roses and Carnations

Sweet Scented Roses and Carnations by Twistina

Balloon Evolution

Definition of "balloon"
History of balloons
Balloon terms
The allure of balloons
Balloons in "pop" culture
Balloon games
Balloonware - software, fonts, 'net resources

Business Considerations for Professionals

Balloon Certifications, Organizations and Conventions
Books, magazines, videos, and CD-ROM's
Contracts for Balloon Professionals
Vending Balloons
Volunteering and Donating to Charity
Legal Considerations in Balloon Parody
How balloons impact health

Balloon Sculpture Basics

Balloon Entertainers

Blowing up a balloon
Twisting balloons 101
Twisting balloons 102
Large scale twisting
Using color to your advantage
Decorating 260 balloon sculptures
ASCII notation for sculptures
Balloon Sculpture Instructions
by name
by category
download all in .pdf format(1.6MB)

Balloon Decorators

The tools of the trade
Balloon deliveries
Classic balloon decor 101
Classic balloon decor 102
Large balloon sculptures
Balloon care
Making balloons last
Using balloons outdoors
Outdoor balloon releases
Balloon special effects
Balloons on holidays and special events

Advanced Discussions

Balloon Entertainers

The business of balloon twisting
How to market yourself
Places to work
Working With an Agent
Twisting Balloons For Tips
Balloon Busking
Restaurants 101
Restaurants 102
Determining what to charge
Crowd control
Twisting for children
Twisting for other audiences
Twister fashions
Entertainer issues
Your balloon act
Balloons at parties
Balloon jokes and one-liners
Facing the competition

Balloon Decorators

The business of balloon decor
Rules to live by
How to market your business
Your valued customers
Determining what to charge
Facing the competition

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