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for use with Adobe Illustrator

Created by Larry Moss (moss@balloonhq.com)


Balloon decorators and twisters each have a need for printed artwork in addition to the work they do in their preferred medium. In the case of decorators, that need might be to create advertising brochures, or to quickly mock up decor to show to a client. Twisters may wish to create menu cards to show to those wanting twisted creations. Whatever the reason for needing drawings, both groups have one thing in common. Balloon artists are rarely as good with pen and paper as they are with balloons. This collection of paint brushes for Adobe Illustrator is intended to make the process of drawing balloons easier for all balloon artists.

Adobe Illustrator allows the user to create special paint brushes. These brushes may contain clip art samples, or they may allow a quick mouse stroke to make something as complex as a spiral garland. All of the graphics in this manual were created with Adobe Illustrator using the described brush library. The letter B in the banner on this page was created with just a few brush strokes designed to represent the bubbles in a 260. The separators between sections of the page were made with another brush used to represent a string of Link-O-Loons.



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