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Limitations of this package

These brushes were made to use with Adobe Illustrator. Other packages, such as Corel Draw, may have the capability to do similar tasks, however, I have created these brushes for my own use. I personally use Illustrator for my own work. For this reason, I have no plans to create similar brush libraries for any other drawing packages.

There are also some quirky things about using these brushes. Despite that, I have chosen to make them available fo others to play with and learn from.This is not a complete commercial package. It comes with no support. You get to use what I use to do my own drawings. As I find the need to create new brushes, I will probably make them available also. Likewise, if you improve on the stuff I've done here, please write to me at moss@balloonhq.com.

The quirky behavior I referred to mostly involves the use of color. As you read the directions, pay attention to comments about color settings. In some cases, you need to have certain stroke colors set to have visible brush strokes. There are ways of working around these limitations by using the Object->Expand menu option. Once an object is expanded, colors can be modified in any way necessary. Likewise, once objects are expanded, objects can be stretched and resized and generally edited to create the details you need.

No clip art exists in this package yet. Illustrator allows you to create a scatter brush, which essentially gives you the same capability as clipart. It was not my intention to draw every conceivable picture a balloon artist might need. Instead, I've created the tools needed to easily draw those things. I do have some clip art of heart balloons. I will eventually make those available too. I just findthem a bit awkward touse myself at this point, so they'll com elater when I have time to clean them up.

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