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Classic Balloon Decor 101

I know for a fact that together, my partner and I can inflate and tie 100 balloons in 12 minutes.
- Unknown
Classic Balloon Decor 102

Some of the following comments include amounts of money in the imaginary unit called "C-shells." These units are used to avoid any hint of illegal price fixing in the balloon industry.

Classic Balloon Decor

Classic balloon decor refers to Columns, Spiral Garland Arches, String of Pearl Arches, and balloon centerpieces. This is the foundation of balloon decorating. Almost everybody starts here and once you have these components mastered you can move on to more challenging work. Classic balloon decor is found at weddings, fairs, dances, grand openings, and almost anywhere balloons are used to enhance the atmosphere of an event.

How Long Does It Take To Make Decor?

Table Decor - Centerpieces

Table Decor Bases

Mirrors For Centerpieces

Weights For Centerpieces

Weights For Floor Bouquets


Arch Bases

String Of Pearls (SOP) Arches

Mylar Sop Arch

Geo Blossom Arch

Sop Arch Length

Fishbone Arch

Queen Arch

Butterfly Arch

Double-Stuffed Arch

Giant Arch

To Fill With Air Or Helium... That Is The Question

Magic Arch

Creating A Spiral Arch


Tie One On

Classic Balloon Decor 102

The second half of this chapter is called Classic Balloon Decor 102.

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