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Balloon Deliveries

Bagging customer's orders will set you apart, as well as making delivery simpler, and lessen the stress of wind/ rain/ snow/ tangled/ curled ribbons.
- unknown
Some of the following comments include amounts of money in the imaginary unit called "C-shells." These units are used to avoid any hint of illegal price fixing in the balloon industry.

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Care Cards

Care cards attached to deliveries serve 3 purposes:

  1. provides customer with important product info

  2. provides customer with important safety info

  3. serves as a marketing tool

QBN has generic care cards available or you can design your own.

Our bouquet cards start out by letting clients know "latex and microfoil balloons pose no threat to humans, wildlife or the environment WHEN handled responsibly". We let them know that broken or uninflated balloons can cause harm to young child and should be disposed of immediately. Children under the age of 7 should be under constant adult supervision while playing with latex balloons. We also list the California mylar laws and let them know that our latex are 100% biodegradeable -- but should not be released. They should be disposed of in a proper trash receptacle. And we cover the issue of what inhaling helium can do.


We at Butterflight Balloons hope your Balloon Arrangement brings a warm and welcome greeting! Here are some safety and care tips to extend your enjoyment. Latex Balloons are 100% biodegradable keep them cool, dry and away from direct light. You can expect them to float at least 24 hours, depending on size and care. Floating latex balloons are made to float with non-toxic helium. Foil balloons must not be released into environment. They will float for 7-14 days, and can be refilled with helium. Discard broken, uninflated balloons as they can be choking hazard to children. Inhaling helium can seriously injure. Don't do it.

I (Graham Rouse) have a project going to revive some old, and to develop some new, "Balloon Greetings..." text or patter that might be used in connection with a bouquet of balloons, balloon gift, balloon creature or balloon display. I will expect readers to refrain from commercial use of this text without my permission. Here is a sample that I have used many times over the last thirteen years.

"CARE & FEEDING" "Balloons are fragile and subject to deflate without notice, especially if they are treated roughly or punctured by contact with rough, sharp, or hot surfaces. To maximize the life of your balloon sculpture place it in a cool, dry, and shady location where you will see if often. Leave it undisturbed except to
  1. Feed it by blowing two gentle puffs of air in its direction three times a day,
  2. Talk to it frequently about good things in your life, and
  3. Throw it a kiss or, at least, wink whenever you pass."
(Copyright, G. Rouse, 1984)
In 1985 I (Graham Rouse) developed balloon greetings to be used with a series of original balloon creations. All of these balloon creations came, according to "legend", from the other end of the rainbow. The first one is generic to the series and intended for use with any of the balloon creations.

"The Other End Of The Rainbow is home for a host of magic plants and enchanted creatures. They have the charm and power to warm human hearts and brighten human lives. They are nurtured by warm hugs and friendly smiles. They are colored with purple laughter and carry the scent of golden joy. They taste of sky blue friendship and sound like thoughts of turquoise love. They sing with humor and dance with glee to celebrate the pleasure of knowing both you and me."

"Now, one of their midst is delivered to you. It has been sent all the way from the Balloon Forest at the other end of the Rainbow with special wishes that it may warm your heart and brighten your day."

(Copyright, G. Rouse, 1985)

All of the balloon greetings from my "Rainbow Collection" are designed as "warm fuzzys" for the receipient. This one, however, is a bit more "spicy" than normal.


Cattail Balloon Tails grow among the pussy willows in the Sweetwater Marsh near the Land of Hearts. They always seem to laugh and giggle when they play their parts. They seldom want to spend their funds, but love to show their buns, for they are known when they are found as the second best tail in town.

So please accept this Cattail Balloon Tail bouquet with special wishes that the first best may soon come your way.

(copyright G. Rouse 1985)

These cattails are usually made by doing a l...o...n...g apple twist on a #260 and inserting a balloon stick into the #260 and then into Oasis in a base.

Here is another balloon greeting from my "Rainbow Collection" of 1985. It contains the first published reference I know of to balloon "fantasy flowers." Usually I sent out these "Fantasy Flower" arrangements in imprinted mugs appropriate for the person or the occasion. They are in the "all time favorites" category.


The fragrance of color, the taste of a smile, the scent of laughter, and the sound of joy fill the cups of cheer served in the Garden of Friendship at the other end of the rainbow. Sometimes their colors seem to laugh out loud and their fragrance appears to dance among the sculptured forms of latex and air. Sometimes they smile in yellow or lavender or green. And their joys echo like songs of pink or peach or pastel blue. Always they possess a touch of the magic that delivers good cheer to those open hearts who drink fully of their floral bouquet.

This bouquet of fantasy flowers is now sent to you all the way from the other end of the rainbow, with loving wishes that its magic will enter your heart and add a cup of cheer to your days.

(copyright G. Rouse 1985)

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