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How to inflate balloons - tips for round and non-round balloons

My best 'trick'" with balloons is inflating two in my mouth at once. On a good day, I can inflate as many as five (if they're all lined up just right)
- Unknown

How much air does a fully inflated 260 hold?

              pi * diameter * diameter * length
260Q Volume = -----------------------------------  cubic inches

A fully inflated 260Q is really 1.75" in diameter, and 50" long.

               3.14 * 1.75 * 1.75 * 50
260Q Volume = ------------------------- = 120.3 cubic inches

1 cubic foot = 12 * 12 * 12 = 1728 cubic inches

260Q Volume in cubic feet = ------- = 0.07 cubic feet
The problem is getting it in there in the first place!

Why blow up a balloon by mouth?

How to blow up a balloon by mouth

FIRST read about the health complications of mouth inflating balloons.

Then, put on some safety glasses before you try any of this!

Special effects

Blowing up a balloon backwards

Blowing up balloons from the middle

The Suck Method

Altering the shape of the balloon

Controlled variations in thickness

Puffing a poodle tail and making antennas/feelers


Uses for the Curly-Q


See Curly-Q's

Multiple balloon inflations

The Flash Inflate or the Blast Method

Nose inflation

Up Your Nose with a Rubber... What???

Other Tricks

Tying Knots

Why blow up a balloon with a pump?

Pump Disadvantages:

Pump Testamonials


Balloon pumps

Hand pumps; those inexpensive, usually disposable tools for balloon inflating and how to use them.

Palm pumps

130 Blaster

Euro pump or Faster Blaster

260 Blaster

Qualatex AirInflator

Pump T

Other hand pumps that work for inflating balloons

Floor pumps

Pump O

Pump 1

Pogo Pump

The Invincible Free Standing Balloon Pump

The Amuzemetist

The Filbert Pump


Balloon Master

Making Your Own Pump

Living, breathing pumps

Carrying Pumps

Decorating Pumps

Portable, Battery Powered Inflators

The Inflator

Pouch Pump

Balloon Buoy

Airman Pump

Other Rechargeable pumps

Air Compressors

Air blowers

Helium and "Balloon Gas"


Sizers and Regulators

Dual Sizers

Duplicator II

Precision Air Inflator

Other Regulators and Sizers

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