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Completing the head of the demon

bottom of demon head

As has been stated several times in this document, large scale sculptures are usually easiest to build as multiple tubular pieces. The reason is simply that the stabililty of the overall sculpture can be helped by the stability of the components. Tubes are naturally more stable than open sheets of twisted balloons.

With the upper portion of the head already around a pole, we couldn't fit a circular chin section on the bottom of the head without removing the pole or the top of the head. Both of those options were going to be exceptionally difficult. This left us with two options. Create a long, open sheet of balloons rather than a tube, and wrap it around the bottom, or sit on the floor attaching balloons and working downward until all the space was full. We chose the latter.

It was not an easy way to work and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone with a weak back, but it did make it possible to work quickly and make sure that everything was exactly the size we wanted it to be. Filling in gaps to the floor was easy.

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