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Balloon art video from Fuji Television

The clips here are taken from the final film aired on January 1, 1999 in Japan. The quality of the VHS tape I received was poor, and digitizing it for use on the web only reduces quality more. At least this will provide some idea of what the Japanese public witnessed.

The first clip, the whole 45 seconds worth, was a quick blurb showing the work the celebrities were doing early in the day of the construction.

The second clip, is a ten minute segment from the show that gives an idea of the whole building process and the final presentation for the judges of the event. Some parts of the segment have been removed from this due to exceptionally bad quality on the tape, and even a blank spot that appeared mid segment. I hope I made my cuts well, but without an understanding of the vocal part on the tape, I'm not positive I've done the best job.