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Samurai clothing


What makes Japanese robes stand out is the unique patterns and bright colors associated with them. I refer to the large scale creations I make as "balloon fabrics". Here was an opportunity to create a copy of a real fabric. The solution was to create an open framework and then filling it with the colors and patterns we wanted.

Several things lead to the decision to handle it that way. While any pattern can be twisted into a large creation, the process would be very time consuming. Determining, in advance, precisely the twists and balloons needed along the way to create intricate patterns would be equally challenging. And most importantly, everything we did on this project needed to allow for a large number of people to participate. Too many people working on intricate details was likely to turn into a mess of confusion.

The simple framework design allowed for a lot of people to participate in it's construction. Everything on the frame was a single color so there was no confusion, no matter how many parcipants we had. Then the weaving of different colored balloons into the framework was a quick and easy solution.

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