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Attempting to sleep

Tokyo is full of capsule hotels. As the name implies, the "rooms" in these hotels are barely larger than a human body. They contain a light, a radio, an alarm clock, and a mattress. Lying down is no problem at all, and unless you're especially tall, you can sit up - barely. These aren't the rooms you'd normally stay in when visiting. These are most often used for power naps, or for a night's rest when a trip back home isn't going to be convenient. Staying in a capsule for a night is often cheaper than a cab ride home. It also comes in handy when a trip back to another sleeping place just isn't possible, such as the situation I found myself in.

At 4:00 AM, approximately 12 hours before the sculpture needed to be finished, the director approached me and informed me that I needed to get rest before the camera crew came back at 6:00. Apparently I was about to find myself in front of a camera again and I was supposed to look clean and rested. I was dragged off to the capsule hotel in the Fuji Television building.

I happen to dislike small, tight spaces. I even find elevators disturbing. I didn't get much sleep during those two hours. I did, however, manage to take a shower in the hotel washroom.