Making a balloon Piglet

by Greg Dailey 3 (

  1. do a head ( a little less than 4 inches) and a set of arms (the same size) using a pop twist.
  2. use a broken balloon (blown to 3 inches) as ears by tying it to the nozzle of the head.
  3. Blow up a red to around 14 inches and twist it into 4 equal parts with an inch and a half of space between the 2nd and 3rd bubble fold in half and tie the slack to the nozzle.
  4. remember all the left over pink? take that and start wrapping it around the arm till you are sure that it will not let any air get out when you cut the rest off. Do so. now you just have his head and arms.
  5. reinflate left over pink you cut off to five inches and tie it. twist in half and place it on the red balloon as shown in the picture.
  6. fold the red putting the loops (noted A & B ) over piglets head ( like suspenders )
  7. draw on a face and shirt stripes with marker ( marks A lot works the best. and you should have picture 6.
drawings of piglet