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Balloon Jokes and One-liners

Balloon animals eat the air out of the holes in Swiss cheese
- Jimmy Davis

One-liners For Balloon Creations

One-liners For Balloon Dogs

One-liners For Fowl Requests




Can anyone tell me what kind of bird this is?:

One-liners For Fish





One-liners For Elmo

One-liners for Disney Characters

Other Various Balloon Animals

One-liners For Hats

For Adults

Hey, That Doesn't Look Like A XXXXX!"

One-liners For Rejection

For nice children who politely refuse:

Nasty people who rudely refuse:

One-liners For Crowd Control

One-liners for Any Crowd

One-liners For Kids

One-liners For Kids Who Want More Balloons

I Want. . .

What Do They Eat?

Are Those Special Balloons?



For Adults:

How/Where Did You Learn This?

How Did You Get Started Doing This?

Where Did You learn How to Do This?

Did You Go To School For That?

How Long Have You Been Doing This?

And For the Adults

What To Say When a Balloon POPS!

One-liners For Pumps

Replies for people who say "You're cheating" or ask "why don't you blow them up?"

For adults:

One-liners For Balls In Balloons

One-liners For Adults

One-liners For Jerks

One-liners For Money


Additional Sources For Jokes

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