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Working in Restaurants 102

If a waitress requests your presence, get to that table as soon as you can.
- Unknown
What To Do in the Restaurant Working in Restaurants 101

Some of the following comments include amounts of money in the imaginary unit called "C-shells." These units are used to avoid any hint of illegal price fixing in the balloon industry.

References: In addition to the Guide, the following books provide information about twisting balloons for money:

  1. Balloon Biz, by Norm Barnhart
  2. Balloon Busking, by Bob Brown and John Morrissy
  3. Inflation Information, by Frank Thurston
  4. Making Inflation Work For You, by T. Myers
  5. Professional Portfolio for Balloon Artists by Bruce Kalver
  6. Insider's Secrets to Working Restaurants by Mark Nilsen
  7. Out Of The Part Time Frying Pan And Into The Full-time Fire by Marvin Hardy
You'll find reviews in the Books, Magazines, Videos, and Other Resources chapter.

What To Do in the Restaurant

A Twister's Function at a Restaurant

Advertising Your Own Business in the Restaurant

Working With the Wait Staff

Make Friends With the Wait Staff

Affecting The Wait Staff's Tips

Greedy Wait People

So Many Customers, So Little Time

Dealing With Customers Who Don't Want Balloons

Working the Crowd

What to Make in the Restaurant

One-Liners For Restaurants

Mc Donald's

Restaurant Cards

Books and Tapes

Working in Restaurants 101

The first half of this chapter is called Working in Restaurants 101.

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