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Workplaces for balloon twisters

If you are good enough at what you do, surely you will always find work under the conditions that you prefer.
- Garth, the Jolly Juggler
Indoor Work Outdoor Work Indoor-Outdoor Work Altitude Work

Some of the following comments include amounts of money in the imaginary unit called "C-shells." These units are used to avoid any hint of illegal price fixing in the balloon industry.

Indoor Work


Shopping Malls


Wedding Receptions


Company Events

Movie Theatres

Outdoor Work


General Advice

Drink Plenty of Fluids

Stay in the Shade

Take Breaks

Keep Cool

Car Washes

Theme Parks



The White House

Every year, the Whitehouse (1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington,D.C.) invites twisters to make balloons for the annual Easter egg-roll on the south lawn, from 8:00am to 3:00pm.


Your own front porch

Indoor-Outdoor Work


Carrying Balloons And Twisting For A Smile

How Come I'm Frowning After Twisting For A Smile?

A Smile Isn't Enough For Me

I'm a walking billboard (Will Twist For Food)

When Is It Inappropriate To Twist?

Festivals, Fairs, and Flea markets -- Oh, my!

How To Find The Events

Paying For a Place to Work

Getting Paid to Work

Vending Balloons

Finding A Good Spot

When Not To Work For Tips

Booths vs Strolling

Event Crashing

General Advice

Car Dealers

Radio Station Remotes

Sporting Events

Altitude Work

30,000 Feet (Aircraft)

Sea Level (Cruise Ships)

Dive! Dive! Dive! (Underwater)

Not enough for ya? A book called Balloon Biz by Norm Barnhard has 53 places to try. Good luck!

SKB 2/11/96
SKB 9/15/96
SKB 9/25/96
LM 12/?/96
LM 1/29/97
MB 4/4/97
SKB 6/16/97
WNL 11/11/97
MB 7/11/99
SMB 3/26/00

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