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Twisting Balloons 102

Twistin', twistin', twistin' the night away...
- Sam Cooke

Twisting Balloons 101

How To Minimize Squeaking When Twisting

Pull the bubbles apart

Wear Gloves

Fit Of The Gloves



Gripper Gloves

Colored Gloves

Cut Off The Fingers

Gloves? I Can't Stand 'Em!

Use Powder

Holding a chain of multiple bubbles ("String of Pearls")

Shaping/Forming A Long Section Of Balloon

Swan Neck

Making A Heart From A 260

Other Bends

Double-helix balloon poles

Making Balloon Fabrics (Weaving)

Balloon Fabric Resources

Balloon Fabric Hints and Ideas

The "Eyes" Have It: Miscellaneous Eyeball Methods

Raisin Twist

Belly Button

Distortion Effect

Side Bubble

How To Tear Apart A Pencil Balloon

Tearing Thru the Body

Tools for cutting a pencil balloon

General Twisting Tips

Minimizing the Deflation Rate

I'm Not Looking!

Practice, Practice, Practice

Create, Create, Create

Cheat Sheet

Twisting Balloons 101

The first half of this chapter is called Twisting Balloons 101.

MB 12/21/95
LM 7/31/96
SKB 12/01/96
SKB 01/06/97
SKB 02/11/98
LM 02/17/99
SMB 09/14/00

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