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    AUTHOR:     Meilach, Dona Z.
    TITLE:      Basketry today with materials from nature : weaving, twining,
                   pine needles, plaiting, coiling, free form / Dona Z.
                   Meilach, Dee Menagh.
    PUBL.:      New York : Crown Publishers,
    FORMAT:     200 p., (4) leaves of plates : ill. ; 26 cm.
    DATE:       1979
    OTHER NAME: Menagh, Dee.
    SUBJECT:    Basket making
    ISBN:       0517531348
                0517531356 (pbk.)
    CONTENTS:   Bibliography: p. 195-197.
    NOTES:      Includes index.
    RID #:      ocm04515506
Chapter 4 Plaiting

Is plaiting a weaving process? Or is weaving a plaiting process? Anthropologists have buffeted the question about for decades; their definitions are often bogged in wordiness with no definite conclusions. While experts continue to ponder a doubtful decision, it is more important to understand how weaving and plaiting are similar and how they differ.

The (basketry) process of weaving as illustrated in chapter 3 ("weavers" carried under and over "spokes" in a basic plain weave) involves carrying the weft over and under one warp. Weavers (weft) and spokes (warp) are defined and have specific functions. You always know which is which. A woven basket beginning can be easily observed by noting the directions of the spokes on the bottom. (This paragraph is a good example of how basketmakers misuse the terms "weave," "warp" and "weft." MB)

A plaited basket does not have a defined weft and warp. All elements are worked in the same under and over progression as in weaving, except that in plaiting there is no distinction made between the weavers and the spokes as they are interwoven with one another. The plaited basket beginning is not always obvious as in a woven base...

The pattern potential within a plaited basket is infinite. Try alternating the weave progression and combining tabby (plain weave), twill and other weave patterns... Adding color to the plaited basket will immediately create a new design dimension.