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Balloon HQ Feature Photographs, 2007

January, 2007
Snow People by Noah Van Denburgh Snowman Centerpiece 
by Carol Cloyd
February, 2007
Chocolate Cake by Park Hyun Gu (beating) Birthday Cake
by Christopher Horne
March, 2007
Theatre goers at the premiere of TWISTED, designed by John and
Johnna Perry Movie Clapboard
by Steven
April, 2007
Woven Balloon 
House by John Forbes Lighthouse and caretakers house, IBAC 2001 large sculpture 
contest entry
May, 2007
Graduation Guy by Beth Dugan Graduation Centerpiece by Mirae
June, 2007
July, 2007
Ride the Wave by Joyce Boston Beachgoers by Melissa Gjergji
August, 2007
September, 2007
October, 2007
November, 2007
December, 2007

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