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Photographs by Sheena Beaverson
These image shows the method of twisting balloons around floral wire to create a pose-able string of bubbles. This idea was shared by Chris Horne of England at IBAC 15.
Twisting bubbles around floral wire Twisting bubbles around floral wire
"Start with 18 guage wire and bend the ends over to eliminate the sharp points. Insert into the 260 and inflate 1/2 way. The first twist is a tulip twist, making sure to capture the end of the wire in the twist. Continue making small bubbles along the wire and pushing them back up into the previous one. The tension of them pushing against each other will keep the bubbles from untwisting." (Patty Sorell writes)

Photographs by Sheena Beaverson
The detail included in large sculpture pieces entered at IBAC events is always fascinating. Notice the recreation of balloon twister Marvin Hardy made out of round balloons. This balloon Marvin was part of a larger piece entitled "What do you bring in new millenium", created by Tommaso Morgantini of Italy. This piece won third place in the large sculpture contest at IBAC 15. You may view more of Tommaso's work at Morgantini Ballon.

Marvin Hardy made of round balloons IBAC 15 Large Sculpture Entry

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